Uptime Kuma

Uptime Kuma

As our Home Lab and the associated network become more complex, monitoring the operational status of our services and equipment becomes essential.

We use a tool called Uptime Kuma to monitor the operational status of our home lab. Uptime Kuma can monitor many different kinds of equipment and services and provides various mechanisms to notify us when a service is down.

Uptime Kuma Install

We run Uptime Kuma as a docker container in our Docker cluster. It is easy to install and configure. We used the following video to help with the installation –

Install Uptime Kuma in Docker

Uptime Kuma’s database is sensitive to the volume store used to contain its database. For this reason, we bound Uptime Kuma’s present volume to storage inside the Docker Host VM instead of using our high-availability network store.

Anita's and Fred's Home Lab

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