Welcome To Our Home Lab

Home Network Dashboard
Home Network Dashboard

This site is dedicated to documenting the setup, features, and operation of our Home Lab. Our Home Lab consists of several different components and systems, including:

  • A high-performance home network
  • A storage system that utilizes multiple NAS devices
  • An enterprise-grade server
  • Applications, services, and websites

Home Network

Gen 2 Home Network Rack
Gen 2 Home Network Core Rack

Our Home Network is a two-tiered structure with a core based upon high-speed 25 GbE capable aggregation switches and optically connected edge switches. We use UniFi equipment throughout. We have installed multiple OM4 fiber multi-mode fiber links from the core to each room in our house. The speed of these links ranges from 1 Gbps to 25 Gbps, with most connections running as dual-fiber LACP LAG links.

Telephone System

To be added

Surveillance System

To be added

Storage System

To be added

Enterprise Server

To be added


Daily backups for all VMs and LXC containers are configured as follows.

Applications, Services, and Websites

We are hosting several websites, including:

Set-up information for our self-hosted sites may be found here.


Anita's and Fred's Home Lab

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