Nginx Proxy Manager

Many services and devices in our home lab have web interfaces. Traefik Reverse Proxy provides ingress control and SSL certificates for our docker services.

While Traefik can be used for services outside of Docker, configuring it is complex and requires restarting the Trafik container. As a result, we also run Nginx Proxy Manager in a container to enable SSL certificates and simple reverse proxy configuration of our web-based services outside of Docker.


Installing Nginx Proxy Manager is easy. The following video explains the process, including using a DNS-01 challenge to obtain SSL certificates via Let’s Encrypt.

Installing Nginx Proxy Manager in Docker

We configured a Docker macVLAN network for the Nginx Proxy Manager container so that the proxy could determine the source IP addresses that access it. This enables IP filtering and other features.

Anita's and Fred's Home Lab

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