Traefik Reverse Proxy

We are using Traefik as a reverse proxy in our Home Lab. Traefik is deployed on our Docker Swarm Cluster and Raspberry Pi Docker server.

Traefik is set to use Lets Encrypt to obtain and update SSL certificates for our domain. We use a DNS-01 challenge and Cloudflare for this purpose

The steps required to deploy Traefik are covered in this video:

Deploy Traefik with Lets Encrypt SSL Certificates

We also used the information in this video to separate and secure external and internal access to our Docker containers via Taefik:

Secure Traffic External Access

Adding Workloads

Traefik can serve as a reverse proxy for services in our Docker environment, external workloads on VMs, and stand-alone Docker hosts such as our Raspberry Pi Docker host.

The last two chapters of the following video explain how to set up additional services behind a Traefik reverse proxy.

Configuring Traefik 3

Anita's and Fred's Home Lab

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