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Gen 2 Home Network Rack
Gen 2 Home Network Rack – Switches

We use UniFi equipment throughout. We chose the UniFi platform for our second-generation home network primarily for its single-plane glass management and configuration capabilities.

Network Structure

Network Architectur
Network Structure

The image above shows our network’s structure. Our Network is a two-tiered structure with a core based upon high-speed 25 GbE capable aggregation switches and optically connected edge switches. We have installed multiple OM4 fiber multi-mode fiber links from the core to each room in our house. The speed of these links ranges from 1 Gbps to 25 Gbps, with most connections running as dual-fiber LACP LAG links.

Access Layer

At the top layer, redundant Internet connections provide Internet Access and ensure that we remain connected to the outside world.

Firewall, Routing, and Management Layer

Unifi Dream Machine Pro SE
UniFi Dream Machine Pro SE

Our network’s firewall and routing layer implement security and routing functions using a UniFi UDM Pro router and firewall.

Home Network Dashboard
Home Network Dashboard

The UDM also provides a single-pane-of-glass management interface. All configuration functions are performed via the GUI provided by the UDM.

Core Aggregation Layer

UniFi High-Capacity Aggregation Switch

The core layer uses a pair of high-capacity Aggregation Switches to provide optical access links to all of the switches in our network’s edge layer. We also include a high-speed 10 GbE wired ethernet switch at this layer. All of our storage devices and servers are connected directly to the core layer of our network to maximize performance and minimize latency.

Edge Connectivity Layer

Example UniFi High-Speed Edge Switch

The edge layer uses various switches connected to the core layer, combining 25 GbE, 10 GbE, and 1 GbE optical links. Many of these links are built using pairs of optical links in an LACP/LAG configuration.

Unifi Firewall:Router, Core, and Edge Switch In Our Network
UniFi Firewall/Router, Core, and Edge Switches In Our Network

Our edge switches are deployed throughout our home. We use a variety of edge switches in our network, depending on each room’s connectivity needs.

Wi-Fi Access and Telephony

Unifi WiFi APs and Telephones
UniFi WiFi APs and Telephones

This layer connects all our devices, including WiFi Access Points and our Telephones.

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