Future Projects

We built our Home Lab to do projects that helped us learn about modem data centers and IT technology. Here are some projects that we are planning to do.

Raspberry Pi Home Lab Project

We provide many training presentations for the Amateur Radio community. We are working on a project to build a simple, low-power Home Server and NAS device using a Raspberry Pi 4.

Home Automation

We plan to set up Home Assistant to manage our smart devices, Home Lab, and Media Services.

Replace PCs with VMs and Thin Clients

Currently, we run quite a few computers in our home. We plan to replace some machines with VMs and access them via thin clients and web browsers.

Ansible Playbooks and Semaphore

We have done some work with Ansible related to configuring Linux hosts. We plan to create playbooks to update our systems, set up VMs, and more. We also want to explore Ansible Semaphore to improve the management and automation of our Ansible playbooks.

The following video covers Ansible Semaphore –

Set up and Application of Ansible Semaphore

Containers, Containers, Containers

There are lots of cool applications and services that can run in Docker or LXC containers. We will continue to look for opportunities to try new containers and add more services to our Home Lab.

Anita's and Fred's Home Lab

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